Friday, November 16, 2012

The Penang Story

Penang used to be the favourite destination of my family for most of our vacation since I was a wee kid. But alas nowadays a trip to Penang have becomed really costly. I dont understand why most pricing in Penang have increased so much? I love Penang and treat it like a second home but nowadays the hotel prices and the food prices have incresed so much. A normal hotel which costs around RM180 per night is now like RM 300 and those charging around RM300 have hiked up the price to RM 500 to RM600. Since my family always book about 3 rooms, we seriously cant afford the price. It comes to like RM900 just for a night which is ridiculous to pay for lodging unless of course we are the family members of the Prime Minister, which unfortunately we are not. I mean we havent like saved money in our piggy since young so yeah we cant afford it. So apart from lodgings even the food is nowadays extreamly expensive for example like Gurney Drive and other tourists attraction area. I also had this few run ins with local vendors who are seriously rude to the local tourists but they can be friendly to the foreigners namely the whites. So is Penang only trying to cater for the for the foreigners and not for the locals? I mean seriously with all these increase in price and all, locals can barely afford to go for holidays in Penang. We used to visit Penang like 3 to 4 times a year but now we can barely afford to do it once a year. Other than these complaints I have nothing else to say but I have only praises to sing about the cleanliness level and their cheap parking fare. I just hope these small issues can be resolved so that everyone can enjoy Peneng... I love you Penang...

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